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Every successful business is setup and operated to solve a problem within their respective supply chain. Whether it is real estate, e-commerce or trucking industries, every supply chain has unique problems that a business or a business owner can work to solve.

Many businesses, however, focus on the revenue streams or the per order profits. Often the goals are set my management to maximize profits instead of focusing on organically growing a business through problem solving by providing better service.

Profit focused businesses will also have a company culture that doesn’t give its employees the respect, support and training they need to be successful. Some of these businesses will see high turnover and low morale within their company culture yet unable to do anything about it.

When a business sets its goal on solving a problem within their industry some amazing things happen. Clients become less focused on cost to do business because your company or service is solving their problems, and making their business stay focused. It’s a supply chain.

When businesses put their energy into solving problems, and creating superior customer service, their revenue streams will grow exponentially as more clients seek those services and are willing to pay a premium to get the top-notch problem-solving skills that you can provide.

What unique problem-solving skills does your company provide?

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